Aloha (a movie review)

I watched this movie because of Bradley Cooper, Bill Murray, John Krasinski, Alec Baldwin, Emma Stone, and Rachel McAdams. The cast sounded too good to pass up even though the trailer didn’t do much for me. Sometimes watching something light like Aloha can be relaxing; the photography looks nice and the actors look good. You don’t get excited much about anything in this movie though; it’s like watching someone’s vacation video. As the title suggests, the movie is set in Hawaii.

Bradley Cooper plays a former Air Force recruit turned military contractor who gets badly hurt from a deal gone bad. After months of recuperation, he returns to work to embark on another deal. His employer is a billionaire played by Bill Murray. Bill Murray’s characters in many of his movies tend to be quirky and smarmy, and it is so with his character here. His acting in “lightweight” movies like Aloha is usually flavored with mocking wistfulness, reminiscent of the Lounge Singer, one of his characters in Saturday Night Live, a late night comedy show in which he used to be a regular.

Bradley’s character’s love interest(s) are Emma Stone, who plays an up-and-coming fighter pilot, and Rachel McAdams, who plays Brad’s former love. John Krasinski is Woody, an Air Force recruit married to Rachel. They have communication issues in their marriage. Will they resolve them? Although the movie is fairly predictable, I will not say any more so there will still be some mystery, which there is one, but it is an easy guess. Besides aloha being Hawaiian, its meaning is part of the movie’s theme too.

You might be tempted to say aloha to this movie yourself, although I think it’s more watchable than Will Ferrell’s Bewitched. I rarely discontinue watching a movie, but I’ve done it with Bewitched and Johnny Depp’s Mortdecai.

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