The Forger (a movie review)

This is a bittersweet father and son heist film. John Travolta plays an art forger who is imprisoned for four years. To get out sooner, he makes a deal with an outside well-connected criminal, who pays off a crooked judge to release Travolta’s character, Ray Cutter, nine months before he finishes his prison term. Not too much later, the viewer is shown that Ray Cutter has a teenage son, played by Tye Sheridan, who has cancer. Ray’s father, played by Christopher Plummer, has been taking care of Ray’s son while Ray has been in prison. Now that Ray is out of prison, he is indebted to the criminal who arranged for his early release. The payment is for Ray to steal a painting by Claude Monet and replace it with a forgery. Then things start getting interesting.

I thought the movie was well paced. There weren’t any slow or overly sentimental moments, even though both father and son have things to iron out so they can be close and have a good relationship. Christopher Plummer makes a believable grandfather who is not demonstrative, but cares deeply for both his son and grandson. All three have good chemistry, and the best part is how the heist and a con are worked into the story. I don’t want to give anything away because of how things develop from there. However, offsetting the fun is the uncertainty of the boy’s cancer.

I watched this movie because of John Travolta, who looks good and fit in this movie made in 2013. I’ve ranked below the movies I’ve seen with him in it. Number 1 is the best, while the last is not.

1. Urban Cowboy
2. Pulp Fiction
3. Old Dogs
4. Saturday Night Fever
5. Grease
6. The Thin Red Line
7. The Forger
8. Hairspray
9. Lonely Hearts
10. Wild Hogs
11. Get Shorty
12. Be Cool
13. The Punisher
14. Phenomenon
15. Savages
16. Primary Colors
17. Face/Off
18. Swordfish
19. The General’s Daughter
20. Michael
21. Broken Arrow

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