Solitude Creek by Jeffery Deaver (a book review)

Solitude Creek is the fifth of a series on body language expert, Kathryn Dance, a widowed mother of two, working as an agent for the California Bureau of Investigation. We find her here solving two different cases, with one of them being a sting operation and I will not go on because I wouldn’t want to spoil this good read. I will reveal that one of the culprits is a person that sets up situations leading to crowd panic, resulting in violence and ugly scenes. As always, author Jeffrey Deaver delivers a good plot and engrossing characters.

This fifth book about Kathryn Dance delves deeper into her romantic life and we actually see a new development, so I look forward to the next book. Those familiar with Jeffrey Deaver’s work knows that he has other books, some of which are standalones, while another group is a series featuring Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs. However, I will hold off in saying more about them until a new book with them comes out. Listed below are of the Kathryn Dance series in the order they were published. All of them are consistent in quality and content, which includes some really interesting information about body language.

The Cold Moon
The Sleeping Doll
Roadside Crosses

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