Kidnapping Mr. Heineken (a movie review)

That Kidnapping Mr. Heineken is based on a true story is one of the reasons I decided to watch it because I never knew such an event took place. I was curious as to whether the kidnappers were successful. The movie is set in Amsterdam, where five childhood friends conspire to kidnap the local tycoon, who is the heir (played by Anthony Hopkins) to the Heineken beer empire. One of the friends is played by Jim Sturgess, an actor I like and probably the main reason I found myself wanting him and his friends to succeed in getting away with the ransom money.

I didn’t find Anthony Hopkins’ Mr. Heineken well-developed enough to care much for what happened to him. I found the camaraderie of the five kidnappers to be more likable than Hr. Heiniken; they were funny, friendly and, despite the seriousness of the crime, went out of their way not to do him any harm.

Because I’m a Jim Sturgess fan, I rank below the movies Jim has starred in, with one being the best and the last not so good. I may update it when I see a new movie he stars in, so click on Reviews on the right menu now and then.

1. 21
2. Stonehearst Asylum
3. The Best Offer
4. The Way Back
5. Across the Universe
6. Upside Down
7. Cloud Atlas
8. Kidnapping Mr. Heineken
9. Heartless

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