Kale and Carrot Sauté

As a side dish, this green and orange combination makes a pretty addition to the table. Chop a bunch of kale, unless you buy a bag of pre-washed kale, which I use until summer, when we have a garden. Chop however many carrots you want, along with 1 big onion. Crush 3 or more garlic cloves, depending on how many people you will be talking to after eating. You’re ready to saute.

Put about 2 tbsp of oil in the skillet, over medium heat. Put in your crushed garlic. After a minute, put in the chopped onions. Depending on how al dente you want your onions, you can then put in the chopped carrots. After a minute, put in the kale.

Continue to stir and cook, until the kale is tender to your liking, although it is best not to overcook kale, as its nutrients would be more potent. Enjoy the crunch!

Tell me what you think . . .

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