True Patriot?

Tom Brady’s retort to Well’s Report, “Absolutely not.” Chiseled jaw, sinewy abs, Tom’s a lady’s man. Fleet feet, touchdown–a man’s man too. Accused as a cheat, treated with too much heat. He doesn’t beat his wife, snort coke all night, or kill another player. Compared to others, letting out a little air is nothing more than passing gas. But why couldn’t you hold it?

©2015 Karina Pinella

From F to 100%

When my kids were just learning their abc’s and 1, 2, 3s, I thought I’d go back to school to get a third degree. I was burnt out at my then current part-time job. For almost two years, I had my fill of filing, printing out flyers, and inserting brochures in folders. So many forms, folios, ad nauseam. I actually thought the company I worked for owned acres of forests.

I had an epiphany one slow Wednesday afternoon. While the clock ticked and the rain drummed outside, I had jerked myself awake just before my face thudded down my desk. I had to reorient myself and saw the stack of folders I had yet to fill. Suddenly a vision appeared before me: I was entering my home, calling out, “Honey, I have work to do tonight. Will you be okay with pot roast and baked potatoes instead of the lamb de flambé and scalloped little potatoes and crème de brulee? I have to fill 200 folders by tomorrow.” Continue reading