Wednesday Warrior

Getting your ya-yas out
Without fail every Wednesday, Drake dons his leather loincloth in the privacy of his home and listens to the vocalizations of his ululating hero, Tarzan. He thumps his chest and runs wild, making believe he is a warrior. He is his true self—uninhibited and unmedicated. Free from the cloudy reality for a day.

The Overnight (a movie review)

This is a comedy about friendship and marriage. A young family recently relocates from Seattle to L.A. The dad, played by Adam Scott, and the mom, played by Taylor Schilling, along with their little boy, are in their neighborhood playground. They acquaint themselves with another young father, played by Jason Schwartzman, and his son. Jason’s character invites the whole family over for pizza night, which turns out to be quite an extended event. Hence, the title, The Overnight. The whole family ends up staying all night long for an evening full of surprises and laughs.
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