An Immorality Tale

Half-Chechen and half Avar—the Tsarnaev brothers—Tamerlan and Dzokhar. They came to America, received love and welcome from us Bostonians. In return, they cooked up nails, ball bearings, and black powder to show the world their militant Islamic power. A showdown in Watertown—one down, one to a holding cell. Thus, the hearing began. Silent, stoic, Dzokhar displayed no remorse, no affect. His tears trickled only by reason of mirror neurons. His wailing aunt a touch away would have moved him to yawn instead had that been her lead. At last, the jury is out—death penalty for one who lost his morality. A sentence to life or death still seems not enough for the marathon effort the survivors have to bear until their dying breath.

©2015 Karina Pinella