Cult of Evil

see, hear, say no evil

Image: Pixabay

Farewell, my lovelies,
Death is inevitable,
Just drink the Kool-Aid.

Jonestown, Guyana
Misplaced trust turned tragedy
Jim Jones’ legacy.

Lies cultivated,
Zealous believers’ blind faith
No hope comes from fear.

Despair guaranteed,
Dysfunctional family,
Disguised as normal.

Rooted in evil
ISIS is an example,
Beware the devil.



Image: Pixabay

Guerilla tactics
With the same dynamics,
Out of control,
They’re on a killing roll,
One after the other,
This is truly war.

They’re desperadoes
Showing they won’t be cowed,
Displaying their bravados
By ramming through a crowd
Of innocents,
Forcing their dissonance.

Time to shed the politics
Register both citizens and aliens
To identify ISIS and other lunatics.
Weed out the barbarians
To stop this downward spiral.
This is now a matter of survival.

[In reference to the Bastille Day truck massacre in southern France today.]

Fierce Tears

fierce tears

Image: Pixabay

Another terrorist shoot down
Receiving undeserved renown
For yet one more action of hate
Sealing innocent people’s fate.

One after another
Alone or with others,
They come and go as they please,
Festering like an incurable disease.

From San Bernardino
Now to Orlando,
Random, yet not random
Acts of doom.

No guaranty
Of any kind of security
Though such is the reality,
The more reason to seek solidarity.

Wednesday Weep

Tuesday terror

Image: Pixabay

Another day to memorialize
Tuesday 3/22/16
Acts of terror to desensitize.

An attack to all humanity
In the heart of Brussels,
Taking more lives again, senselessly.

When will it end?

Strike one, two, three,
Explosions in the airport and the metro station;
ISIS claims responsibility reprehensibility.

Nowhere to run from this hell storm,
Safety anywhere fast becoming a rarity,
Threats all over the world the new norm.

What will make it end?

While politicians rant,
And terrorists continue to rave.
We’re left to do the mourning chant:

How will it end?