The Day the Toad Stood Still

Image: Pixabay

6-word story version:
The Toad croaked his last ribbit.

50-word story version:
Called the “Toad” for resembling the amphibian, Todd tends to toady to everyone. Immune to his fawning ways, Todd’s enemy tricks him into eating a toadstool disguised as a truffle served with succulent ribs. Always aiming to please, Todd ate everything on the plate. The Toad croaked his last ribbit.

Me and the Pokey Pigs (Version 1)

Image by Blogetta

Image by Blogetta

The two long-time friends were just chillin’. Not a worry in the world. They were pig-headed about that. Once they set their minds to lounge, then lounge they would. They didn’t see any reason to run when the rangy man walked toward them with a hammer. Now they find themselves grillin’ on a hot bed.

Flash forward to a day at the park. This is the life. A sunny day and the sweet smell of charcoal wafting through the air. Just hangin’ out with a bangin’ crowd. A great summer start.


Me and Mr. Pokey Pig (Version 2: a six-word story)

Just chillin’; this is the life.