When Carts Cry

Six-word story version:
Cartwright realized he will never sail.

 Expanded version — 12-word story:
Land bound, Cartwright accepted his destiny — never to sail the high seas.

Haiku version:
The cart that couldn’t.
On the boardwalk with no sail,
Only treads for wear.


Bruce made quite the news
‘Cuz he’s the Jenner gone transgender,
Nothing to do with glamour or glory.
He told the truth on TV.

He’s already in his mid-sixties,
Served time under his self-imposed penalties.

But his message is not just about him,
It’s to shine light on a subject so dim
That so many have suffered much abuse–
Perhaps Bruce’s message will help spread the news:

That you can be yourself without fear or shame,
For underneath we are all the same.

©2015 Karina Pinella