Bone Tomahawk (a movie review)

This is a Western film with some graphic scenes and dialogue that make you think it’s from that golden era. The pace feels right and the acting is great from the likes of Kurt Russell, the town sheriff; Patrick Wilson, a husband hobbled from an accident; Robert Jenkins, the deputy back-up; and Matthew Fox, a man you wouldn’t expect had so many Indian kills.
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Monster Masquerade: A Head on a Stick

Fat from feasting on corpuscles and pus, the maggots exit from various orifices of the decaying head. A group crawls out from the ear canal, gummy from their travel through the waxy tunnel. They worm themselves through the tangled strands atop of what formerly held the gray mass that spills out of a gash. Drying blood completes the colorful little world of the legless larvae. Continue reading