Image: Pixabay

The rat scrambles. It runs toward the subway tunnel to escape its stalker, who keeps yelling, “I love you. Please don’t go.” Droplets of tears slide down the young runaway’s scabbed face. His world appears to crumble; he just wants something to care for since no one else cares about him.

Play In Peace, Prince

[Italicized stanzas are excerpts from Prince’s song, Purple Rain]

4/21/16 — The last day of Prince’s reign
He who gave us Purple Rain
And other hits that will never wane

I never meant to cause you any sorrow
I never meant to cause you any pain

Pioneer, legend, icon, genius
He even had a name that’s a hieroglyph
As cryptic as what stole his last breath

Constant music in the making
He set the tone and style for the taking
He’s always real, no room for faking

Honey, I know, I know
I know times are changing

A milestone maker in many stages,
He had a soundtrack for all the ages
His harmony is stronger than any steel cages

He’s a master in rock and blues
An impact in culture and people of any hue
He’s a melody maven through and through

It’s time we all reach out
For something new, that means you too

Prince and the Revolution
Prince and the N.P.G./The New Power Generation
Prince, you were always a sensation

Only want to see you
In the purple rain