Ten ETs*

*Empowering Tenets

Image: Pixabay

  1. Choose to appreciate over being an ingrate
  2. Avoid being a fool wherever you rule
  3. Give while you live
  4. Listen without condition
  5. Aspire to inspire
  6. Leave lots of latitude when encountering attitude
  7. Strive to thrive
  8. Choose to recycle before using a waste receptacle
  9. Provide no resistance to those needing assistance
  10. Only be a quitter when holding on to the bitter

Rule the Bully

overcome bullying

Image: Pixabay

Stand tall and stand your ground;
No reason to physically fight to win a round.
Use your will and head;
Assert yourself instead.
Calmly and constructively,
Build yourself and focus on your passion;
In time you’ll be out of this situation.

Disarm the bully with your charm,
Confuse the bully with a laugh,
Fear not the bully,
As the bully is just as human as you and me.
Also hurting, but showing it violently;
Bullies are formed from feelings of inferiority.
Don’t get sucked into their negativity.

If it calls to blow the whistle,
Do it because it proves your full control.
Be strong, be steady,
All is temporary.
Life is not stationary.

There will be highs and there will be lows,
Deafen your ears to those who offend,
Make yourself your true friend.
Never give up in your defense,
You will yet make a difference.