State of the Union

A nation divided,

With leadership derided,

Rivaling factions

On a tangent of distractions.

The media giving them fuel,

Focusing on the drivel,

Congress continues to show inaction,

Amidst a circus of tawdry attractions.

The state of the union

Is like cutting an onion —

Makes you weep.

War of the Words

They jibbered,

They jabbered,

Their words bitter,

Worse than spoiled batter,

Carelessly strewn like leftovers and litter,

Equally bad, both the former and latter.

They push too far their scare and dare,

The situation getting too dire,

Evoking fear

Of who will spark the first fire.

End Game

end of the world

Image: Pixabay

“What this messed up world needs is to be new-cleared.”

“Just because everything seems to be going to hell doesn’t mean we deserve to be nuked.”

“We’re all nothing more than just pawns of the elite greedy liars we call leaders.”

“Still doesn’t mean we have to throw in the towel.”

“Look, I’m hungry, so let’s just end the game.”

The two old men clear the chess board and head out to get their daily lunch special.

Republican Debate Take Two

A spirited debate like we saw last night at the Reagan Library goes a long way toward the White House. At times contentious, sometimes petty, and even outrageous – it was all part of the mix. Now for some select talking points as the candidates weighed in:

Rand Paul is for legalizing medicinal marijuana, Mike Huckabee makes a point about accommodating U.S. citizen Kim Davis on her free will to discriminate, Marco Rubio sounds off about making sure we vote for a president who can start the ground running on day 1, Ted Cruz is firm about ripping up the Iran deal as soon as he takes the oath, Ben Carson says there is no scientific ground to connect vaccines with autism, Donald Trump continues to trumpet the same spiel of making America respected again, Jeb Bush reminds us how he was able to get Florida’s economy to thrive, Carly Fiorina demonstrates her problem solving skills by providing specific ideas on how to deal with Putin and other foreign leaders, (as well as domestic concerns), Scott Walker asserts his ability on being able to address our runaway deficit, John Kasich tells us that he has worked in the business sector at one time and how he is a much better candidate for having such experience in addition to his current public service role, and Chris Christie implies that as New Jersey’s governor, his daily dealings with a mostly Democratic state has sharpened his diplomatic skills.

Have you picked your favorite candidate yet?