Me and the Pokey Pigs (Version 1)

Image by Blogetta

Image by Blogetta

The two long-time friends were just chillin’. Not a worry in the world. They were pig-headed about that. Once they set their minds to lounge, then lounge they would. They didn’t see any reason to run when the rangy man walked toward them with a hammer. Now they find themselves grillin’ on a hot bed.

Flash forward to a day at the park. This is the life. A sunny day and the sweet smell of charcoal wafting through the air. Just hangin’ out with a bangin’ crowd. A great summer start.


Me and Mr. Pokey Pig (Version 2: a six-word story)

Just chillin’; this is the life.


Peter left his undercover pig skin drying outside. He had been playing in the mud with the others and had to get away to wash some of the muck off his eyes. He is starting to get sucked into the easy life of his new friends, but he must remember his mission. He is a human trying to find out the secret happiness of the pigs, nothing more and nothing less. In and out. As soon as he figures it out, he’ll give up his undercover suit.

secret to happiness