Globally Wobbly

Images by Gray, pipp, beeline, and Glamco Aio; Shutterstock

Images by Gray, pipp, beeline, and Glauco Aio; Shutterstock

Too many snapshots of what’s not hot—

ISIS’s nonstop hiss,                                                                                            “ . . . decapitate . . .”
Greece’s austerity diss,                                                                                      “ . . . insulate . . .”
China’s manufacturing slump,                                                                        “ . . . tumult . . .”
U.S. prez hopefuls vs. vitriolic Donald Trump,                                            “. . .insult . . .”
Random shootings everywhere are on the rise,                                           “. . .turmoil . . .”
Race relations all over continue to destabilize,                                            “. . .embroil . . .”
West African methamphetamines trade on an upward trend,                  “ . . .kilo . . . “
Mexico’s increasing drug cartels discourage the nation’s mend . . .        “. . . El Chapo . . .”

A reflection of our collective selves, a picture of an extreme deep end.

At the Dump

We haul in our garbage;
Glimpses of our lives revealed.
Empty boxes shipped from Amazon,
Paper bags from Trader Joe’s brimmed
Full of glass, paper, and plastics.

The transfer station makes it easy—
No need to separate the recyclables.
Bring all in one big receptacle.

The bordered grounds contain our mess and stink;
We drive away feeling light and free,
Happy to dump our stench,
Thinking all our trash is gone for good.

But they come back to haunt us,
In ways we connect with other causes.
Next time, let’s pause . . .
Try to limit our toss.

©2015 Karina Pinella

Truth be Told, Dare I Say

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Truth or Dare.”

White or not, lies are simply untruths, no matter what. No in between. Gray is only a color when it comes to honesty. Either you ate that last sliver of pie or not. Either you cheated or not. Either you stole or not. Either you killed or not. So blatant, is it not, if you are guilty or innocent of such acts? Must we hire someone like Alan Dershowitz, Esq.?

We end up mincing words or saying it is all a matter of semantics when confronted to tell the truth. A simple admission with no qualifiers or modifiers is what honesty truly means. The phrase, “being too honest,” is mistaken for earnestness. As if adding any more to the truth, if you take the meaning literally, would make it that much more truthful. Instead, it borders on gossip or making excuses.

As for honesty being the best policy, I say yes to that for the sake of self-integrity. If there is only one rule to follow, I dare say, always be honest to yourself if to nobody else.

A Vent on Glyphosate

Take the spotlight away from Deflategate and aim it at glyphosate, an active ingredient in Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup since the 1970s. Around for over 40 years, glyphosate has found its way into our drinking water like many other toxic byproducts from the creations of our esteemed chemists. I am not denigrating innovation, I am just venting my frustration over the paradoxical mess we, as a society, have gotten ourselves into. We want to make great discoveries, such as controlling the growth of our crops to feed the masses. But like mass production of clothes, quality can be compromised. Continue reading

True Patriot?

Tom Brady’s retort to Well’s Report, “Absolutely not.” Chiseled jaw, sinewy abs, Tom’s a lady’s man. Fleet feet, touchdown–a man’s man too. Accused as a cheat, treated with too much heat. He doesn’t beat his wife, snort coke all night, or kill another player. Compared to others, letting out a little air is nothing more than passing gas. But why couldn’t you hold it?

©2015 Karina Pinella