Iron Skillet Deep Dish Vegetables and Pepperoni Pizza

Image contributed by Hymn

Image contributed by Hymn

Depending on how many shortcuts you take, this can be quite a quick meal to prepare by starting with a 1-lb. bag of fresh dough from Trader Joe’s, or any of your favorite brand. You may also have pre-made your fresh dough by using a bread maker, or simply by hand. In any event, we will prepare this pizza, assuming the dough is already made ahead of time. The amount of dough should be at least 1 lb. in weight since that would be enough to fully line an 8- or 10-inch cast iron skillet. Continue reading

Grilled Cheese with Mushrooms & Onion and Dip

Ideal bread to use is Pain de Campagne for the crunchiness after you’ve grilled it. Mouthwatering cheeses to use are blocks of Swiss and Gruyere that you will slice to your desired thickness, but I prefer thin so they melt faster.

Slice however many button mushrooms you want and one regular yellow onion, and then saute them with whipped Cabot butter, or regular unsalted butter, in medium heat. Set aside. Continue reading