The Guest List by Lucy Foley (a book blurt)

A mystery with so many turns you feel like you’re in a maze, but there is a satisfactory end. Two bigger-than-life personalities matched perfectly. An unforgettable wedding that will have people talking for years. Not because of the Gaelic island setting or the $3,000 wedding cake or hell-raising pranks of the groomsmen, among other memorable sights and events. But because a murder happened during the wedding celebration. Who done it? You will eventually know, as each chapter alternates primarily among four key characters – the bride, the bridesmaid, the plus-one, the wedding planner, and the best man. A few interspersed  chapters are told in the third person. The lively writing and well-developed characters make for a good read as well.  Of all the weddings that have been going on this year, this is one not to miss. No RSVP needed.

The Day the Toad Stood Still

Image: Pixabay

6-word story version:
The Toad croaked his last ribbit.

50-word story version:
Called the “Toad” for resembling the amphibian, Todd tends to toady to everyone. Immune to his fawning ways, Todd’s enemy tricks him into eating a toadstool disguised as a truffle served with succulent ribs. Always aiming to please, Todd ate everything on the plate. The Toad croaked his last ribbit.

Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter (a book blurt)

Another engrossing book by the author who wrote the “The Grant County” and “Will Trent” book series. All are thrillers and full of action, some more relentless than others, but they still make you grit your teeth. This newest installation is a standalone; it’s about two sisters who become estranged from each other because of a man, who marries one of them. More than 20 years later the two sisters reunite after the sister’s husband dies. Or does he? The widowed sister begins finding out disturbing things about her spouse, who had provided her with all her needs. Was he a genuinely loving and gentle man, or was he part of a secret pornographic ring? Full of graphic scenes and unbelievable depravity, the story makes you want to read through the night until your eyes can’t stay open anymore.

I’ve listed below, in the order they were published, the series and standalone books that I’ve read by this author. I will also continue to update the list below, as I continue reading her new publications.

The Grant County series
A Faint Cold Fear
Beyond Reach

Will Trent series
The Kept Woman
The Silent Wife

Pretty Girls
The Good Daughter
Pieces of Her (2018)

Criminal Activities (a movie blurt)

This film has a story line that is not what it seems. A real twister about four former high school classmates reunited by attending the funeral of one of their old chums. After the funeral services, the four get together for coffee and somehow bring up a get-rich scheme that can only work if they are willing to capitalize on it together. One of the friends, played by Dan Stevens, offers to front the money, while another, played by Michael Pitt — who so happens to be in financial services — gives it the green light. The deal turns sour and they have to pay up to John Travolta’s mob character, Eddie, who gives the four friends an out if they do something for him. As the story gets better, the situation gets worse for the four.

Bro’, You Heavy

My bro’ is stew, or in the sewers. I am sorry for what I did, but I was tired.

Bub, my bro’, weighed a ton. For breakfast, he would eat six bowls of Honey Monster Puffs, five fried eggs, four strawberry Pop-Tarts, three buttered waffles, two thick slabs of bacon, and a partridge in a pear tree. I exaggerate. He did not eat the tree. I will not bother writing the rest of what he would eat during the rest of the day; it will just make my journal look like a grocery list. And remind me how close to broke I was getting because food is not getting cheaper. It is a good thing I get to take home some leftovers from Hog Heaven, where I wash dishes and bus tables. I also get a 10% discount at the Food Mart, where I stock the shelves three days a week.
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