Locked Out (a 50-word Story)


Image: Pixabay

Darla stands on the front porch, staring at her locked cottage. How stupid to have forgotten the key. It’s too late at night to call a locksmith or anyone. As she settles into her rocker chair to doze, the front door creaks open and a cloaked figure summons her inside.

Extreme Measures (a 50-word story)


Image: Pixabay

Though blest with wealth beyond need, Langdon Carlsberg lacks the basic measure to feel manly. One day at a public lavatory, he chances upon a well-endowed man urinating next to him. Langdon befriends him.

Nine months later, Langdon is seen jogging down a nude beach, sporting his well-healed, long schlong.

Graveyard Shift (a 50-word story)


Image: Pixabay

Since working at the morgue, Elmer has learned to appreciate the dead. He looks at the clock and sighs. A few more hours until he can call it dawn.

“Okay, your move,” he says to the poker-faced corpse propped on a seat across from him, with a chessboard between them.

[NOTE: This short story was expanded by Matthew Tonks and posted in SlasherMonster Magazine.]