Barfly, Beware!

I want to tell you a tale
About what happened in Dubai.
One night after drinking ale,
I ran over this tall guy.
He had a long, forked tail
That he stuck into my eye.
Then he dragged me down to hell,
Where I stayed in a hot and smelly cell.

Image: Pixabay


I couldn’t believe
He told me to leave;
This nice gnome
From his cozy home.
Me, his roommate
Since 2008.

Why the boot?
I’m just an old coot?
My space is a hole
Not even much for a vole
I’m a plain pushover,
I only eat your leftover.

I will admit
For longer than a bit,
I’ve been filling up your studio
I never thought I’d outgrow
But why couldn’t you be a diplomat,
And not simply call me a FAT RAT?