Forever Friday

Sweetest spot of the week,
Akin to reaching Mt. Everest’s peak,
The day to kickstart the wind down,
Easing the daily grind and work frown,
Anticipating two days of leisure,
Respite from deadlines and pressure,
Whichever day of the week that day may be,
Friday is what I dub thee.
That day has come to mean
The beginning of the beguine*.


Boléro (Ravel) – André Rieu:


I couldn’t believe
He told me to leave;
This nice gnome
From his cozy home.
Me, his roommate
Since 2008.

Why the boot?
I’m just an old coot?
My space is a hole
Not even much for a vole
I’m a plain pushover,
I only eat your leftover.

I will admit
For longer than a bit,
I’ve been filling up your studio
I never thought I’d outgrow
But why couldn’t you be a diplomat,
And not simply call me a FAT RAT?