The Yikes File: The Screamer

creepy crawler

Image: Pixabay

“Barney!” Betsy screams, paralyzed by the sight of the eight-legged creature that appears to peer at her from the bathroom corner.

Betsy’s husband, Barney, runs inside the bathroom, where his wife is naked and dripping from getting out of the shower.

“I’m too afraid to get my towel. That thing is too close. Help!” Betsy screeches while rubbing her arms.

Barney is still eyeing Betsy. As a newlywed, he’s still in awe of how lucky he is to be married to such a voluptuous beauty. He quickly forgets why he was summoned. He strides over to Betsy, picks her up, and beds her down.

Caught off guard, but pleasantly so, Betsy too forgets about the spider, as they romp around the bed. As she closes into the moment of no return, her eyes flutter open and catch the dangling spider from the ceiling. She screams as if there is no tomorrow.

[Inspired by Lynn Thaler’s blog: Random Life Thoughts: Morning Visitor]