Dragon Blade (a movie review)

This is an epic film with emotional tugs, a good storyline, and martial arts and swordplay action aplenty. The movie is inspired by true events during the Han Dynasty in China, although to what extent history actually evolved as depicted is unclear. However, it makes for a good story about an elite corps of Roman soldiers led by General Lucius, played by John Cusack, traveling through a popular trade route of that era. Known as the Silk Road, the area is protected by a small group of Asian pacifists led by Huo An, played by Jackie Chan. Both Lucius and Huo An cross paths and start out as adversaries. As they spar one-on-one in the desert, a fast-moving sandstorm forces Lucius to accept Huo An’s offer to stop fighting and agree to his invitation to stay at the city Huo An is in the midst of rebuilding.
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Love & Mercy (a movie review)

This is one of the better biopics I’ve seen. I’ve always enjoyed the Beach Boys’ tunes, but I didn’t realize how Brian Wilson’s genius was an important influencing factor for much of the music industry’s ingenuity for late ‘60s and early ‘70s rock and roll. In fact, there’s a strong case to be made that Brian Wilson’s greatness is right up there alongside John and Sir Paul of the Beatles. Uh-oh. I will now step back to talking about the film, Love & Mercy. Well edited and well produced. You get a good feel for how Brian Wilson spirals down and tries to make sense of what’s going on in his head. Continue reading