Gone Again by James Grippando (a book blurt)

This is the 13th of a book series featuring Jack Swyteck, a defense attorney, who at the beginning of his career defended death row inmates for some agency. As the series continues, we see Swyteck eventually getting his own law practice and jumping into and out of romantic relationships. This particular story line touches on the subject of adoption.  Since this is a suspense story, the focus is on the darker side or challenges of such subject. Interesting twists here as we try to learn what happened to an adopted 17-year-old. Is she still alive? Suffice to say this is one of the more interesting stories in the Swyteck series.

In my earlier review of one of Grippando’s books, I listed all the books I’ve read in the order they were published, including all of the previous Swyteck books. So check out the list if you wish to read his earlier works:
Cash Landing by James Grippando

Subsequently, I’ve read Grippando’s new publications, which I will continue to list below as I finish reading them.

Penny Jumper
Most Dangerous Place
A Death in Live Oak

Cash Landing by James Grippando (a book review)

According to the author, James Grippando, his story is inspired by actual events that happened in Miami—a heist carried out by amateurs. The heist starts out boldly and goes well. The aftermath is when things start to unravel. The amateur crew comprises Ruban Betancourt, a man disillusioned with the law; his brother-in-law, Jeffrey, an overweight, drug addict leaching off his mother; and his uncle, Pinky, an ex-convict who was nicknamed as such because of how far down his manhood reaches to his pinky. They hire two other people, both former convicts. One of them is the driver whose role is to ditch their getaway vehicles. The other one is the insider who smooths the entry for the big steal. Continue reading