Hairific: Toupee Tuesday

another hairific day

Image: Pixabay

A Series of Ludicrously Bad Hair Days, Day 2; see Day 1

[Poetry crashing into a short story]

“My toupee has blown away!” False Hairy screams.

“Everyone, please don’t move.” Maddie turns off the ceiling fan and apologizes, “I’m sorry, False Hairy, for forgetting some of us have hair that may go astray while the fan moves like a schizo UFO.”
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Twin sisters, Veronica and Erica,
Identical of face,
Yet different in many ways.

Always fretting with a permanent tic,
Veronica is neurotic.
Full of verve and nerve,
Erica loves anything exotic or erotic.

A grand family reunion is planned.
Surprise, surprise!
They discover a third sister,
Their long-lost triplet separated at birth.

Her name is Jessica,
Who has an obsession for kinky fashion.
She’s Veronica and Erica combined–
A neurotica, as defined.

Image: Pixabay

Image: Pixabay