Urge (a movie blurt)

A horror thriller movie with an interesting twist to it. The movie title is the name of a designer drug that makes the user feel uninhibited. The catch is this “ideal” drug can only be taken one time ever, or there are consequences. The man with everything buys this drug for himself and his friends to rewind for the weekend. But, you guessed it, the spoiled brats just don’t know the meaning of self-control. Pierce Brosnan stars as the Man, who introduces this dangerous pharmaceutical.

Bone Tomahawk (a movie review)

This is a Western film with some graphic scenes and dialogue that make you think it’s from that golden era. The pace feels right and the acting is great from the likes of Kurt Russell, the town sheriff; Patrick Wilson, a husband hobbled from an accident; Robert Jenkins, the deputy back-up; and Matthew Fox, a man you wouldn’t expect had so many Indian kills.
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Out of the Dark (a movie review)

This is a haunting tale about an American couple with a five-year-old daughter who becomes mysteriously ill. The movie begins with the family driving through a small Colombian town to visit with the wife’s father, who has a long-established paper mill business there. The father, played by Stephen Rea, suddenly needs help running the business, so his daughter, played by Julia Stiles, takes her husband (played by Scott Speedman)  and their daughter abroad to help out. Not too long after they settle into a large country estate owned by the father, strange things start happening, beginning with their daughter who gets into a little accident and then becomes sick. Meanwhile, deformed looking children dart here and there during the night as the parents hear strange noises. The film is a “ghoul movie” because ghoulish looking children will suddenly pop up during creepy moments. It is somewhat reminiscent of the horror movie, The Ring.

At the end of the story, just before all the credits, there is reference to a site that invites you to learn more about real-life hauntings: takepart.com. Going to this site before watching the movie might be a spoiler, but do check it out.