9 Days before Christmas

(A Christmas Tale Countdown series, Part 5; see Part 4)


“Aunt Maisey, I hope you don’t mind if I take a few more birds,” Ebenezer said to his aunt. They were in the drawing-room finishing their tea.

“Oh?” she said, somewhat taken by surprise. Not wishing to appear miffed, she suggested they go to the music room to see what she can find for him.
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11 Days before Christmas

(A Christmas Tale Countdown series, Part 3; see Part 2)


Ebenezer lived with his great-Aunt Maisey, who professed every day she would leave everything to Ebenezer if he continued to mind her. He liked the old biddy enough but wished she wasn’t so robust. He wouldn’t mind if she were feeble and in bed most of the time. Instead, she tended to flit about and meddle in everyone’s business, as she was now doing in his. The two of them were in the drawing-room drinking tea together, although his mind was on Elizabeth.

“Darling boy, how preoccupied you look today. What is on your mind, sweet son?”
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12 Days before Christmas

(A Christmas Tale Countdown series, Part 2; see Part 1)
pear tree
Silas chose the winning head side of the coin. He bade his friends farewell and went home to think. He was glad no one was in the drawing-room, where he sat upon his favorite chair. He mused about Elizabeth — her dainty hands, her bow-shaped lips . He knew then what to give her.

He would go look for a succulent partridge that would more than sufficiently feed her parents and three sisters. They could then finish off the lovely repast with sweet pears. Such a gift would immediately endear him to the whole family. Horace didn’t say one couldn’t write a poem with the gift. He’ll sign it anonymous, but he will make sure his prose provides a clue that might make her think of him.

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A Christmas Tale Countdown

Image: Pixabay

Image: Pixabay

Long ago before earth was awashed with acid rain and layered with greenhouse gases, there lived three young people whose lives intersected and formed a love triangle. Unbeknownst to Elizabeth, she of the warm chestnut hair and sparkling hazel eyes, the two lads vying for her heart would have topped the most wanted criminal list had the two rivals’ good friend, Horace, not stepped in to arbitrate. The three friends stood outside a few feet away from The Bedfordshire Inn. Continue reading

Shift Gifts

A vase with purple misshapen polka dots, a hula dancer lamp, a beige tinted  statue of a nude–gifts you’re tempted to shift. Somebody may not be the wiser. What was presented to you is now gifted to another. What comes around keeps going around. Was it at Peggy’s shower when you first saw that doodad made by Ronco? On another occasion at Roscoe’s birthday party, the same gift by Ronco reappears. Christmas rolls around. Surprise! That doodad by Ronco is yours. How many times has this been re-gifted? Best not to break the chain. There’s a party coming up for Susie . . .

Image contributed by Moi

Image contributed by Moi

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