Code E3 — Stat

Loaded and ready to go,
Appeared to have a good start,
Then flashed a code E3,

Thus began my woe;
The washer required a $600 part
Plus labor expenses charged hourly.

Instead of wasting my dough,
I took an old go-cart,
Piled in all my dirty laundry,

Like a furious bat,
I raced to the local laundromat,
STAT . . .

I’ll be parked here for a while,
Feeling like I’m in exile,
Until there’s no more unwashed pile.

Image: Pixabay


When Carts Cry

Six-word story version:
Cartwright realized he will never sail.

 Expanded version — 12-word story:
Land bound, Cartwright accepted his destiny — never to sail the high seas.

Haiku version:
The cart that couldn’t.
On the boardwalk with no sail,
Only treads for wear.