Image: Pixabay

Guerilla tactics
With the same dynamics,
Out of control,
They’re on a killing roll,
One after the other,
This is truly war.

They’re desperadoes
Showing they won’t be cowed,
Displaying their bravados
By ramming through a crowd
Of innocents,
Forcing their dissonance.

Time to shed the politics
Register both citizens and aliens
To identify ISIS and other lunatics.
Weed out the barbarians
To stop this downward spiral.
This is now a matter of survival.

[In reference to the Bastille Day truck massacre in southern France today.]

Marguerite (a movie review)

This French film stars award-winning French actress, Catherine Frot, who plays the title role, Marguerite. Loosely based on a real life New York heiress named Florence Foster Jenkins, Marguerite is both sad and funny. Set in France during the 1920s, the movie is about a wealthy woman who aspires to be an opera singer. She’s made herself the generous patroness of her town’s music club, which regularly features talented musicians and classical singers. She also inserts herself in the playbill and decimates the audience’s fine musical senses as she performs.
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