Oops Brief: The Siblings

Penny and her brother, Sam, are browsing in aisle 7 at a local store, which is fairly crowded that day. Penny gasps as she senses something deep in her intestines. She sidles to Sam as she releases a silent sulfurous odor. As people nearby glance their way, they see a girl acting as if her brother is guilty of something. His face, in turn, is flushed, though not from embarrassment but from holding his breath.

Image from Pixabay ©2015 Karina Pinella

Image from Pixabay
©2015 Karina Pinella


Oops Brief: The White Chair

She sits on his white chair, so eager to please. She hangs on to his every word, forgetting the time, until he says he’s well read. Her brain registers. Oh, no! Today is her first day of a new cycle and that means every hour she has to change. She gets up, but too late. As she glances down, she sees red.