Nuremberg: During the Nazi Era

[4th of a series of posts about my late October travels to southern Germany]

Nuremberg was considered as the major center of the Holy Roman Empire. In an attempt to mirror the greatness of the medieval past, Hitler and his Nazi Party chose this city to establish a power base and hold their political and military rallies. Hitler’s ambition and dream of building his own empire is reflected in the Documentation Centre Nazi Party Rally Grounds (Dokuzentrum), a huge building and surrounding edifices that still exist today in the form of a museum established in 1994 inside the Congress Hall. Had Hitler prevailed, there were plans in place to build plenty of additional monuments and structures in the area that were supposed to glorify his political beliefs and stature as a ruler of the empire he imagined would be his.

To Germany’s credit, the museum contains permanent exhibits that educate the public of what led to Hitler’s rise and fall in an objective manner, painfully sensitive to his evil deeds. It is a highly informative forum presented in chronological order, replete with pictures and films. A must for those who want to learn more about this dark part of history. The acreage of what remains of the grounds reveal Hitler’s megalomania.