Twist the Night Away

A world upside down,
Like a bad whirlwind romance;
Twisters can do that.




Image: Pixabay

El Niño
Gone loco,
Upset La Niña,
So no buena.

Category four
A lethal score,
Mother Nature,
Such a player.

Making waves
Like mad raves.
That’s her way,
We get no say.


6,621 – death toll to date
7.8 – magnitude of earthquake from a scale of 2.5 or less to 8.0 or greater
3,000,000 – number of people in need of aid

The figures are overwhelming to the point of losing their meaning,
The distance of 7,921+/- miles from here to Nepal makes it even more unreal,
Thoughts of empathy, feelings of pity still seem empty.
True, disasters always happen, and for a day or so, we feel blue.
Then we are back to experiencing our own pain in the mundane.
But we can help by however we can give—with our time or a dime.
For me a donation to Catholic Charities feels right.