His Secret

He creeps downstairs, wincing every time he creaks a step. His flashlight shines toward the door leading to the garage. Almost there. He can hardly wait to be with his sweetness. His breath shortens at the thought of the taste and touch of —.


He turns around to see his wife at the top of the stairs’ landing. He smooths his sparse hair, as he asks, “What are you doing up?” Continue reading

True Patriot?

Tom Brady’s retort to Well’s Report, “Absolutely not.” Chiseled jaw, sinewy abs, Tom’s a lady’s man. Fleet feet, touchdown–a man’s man too. Accused as a cheat, treated with too much heat. He doesn’t beat his wife, snort coke all night, or kill another player. Compared to others, letting out a little air is nothing more than passing gas. But why couldn’t you hold it?

©2015 Karina Pinella