Unfinished Business (a movie review)

This movie has a chuckle in almost every scene. The main actors—Vince Vaughn, Tom Wilkinson, and Dave Franco–have great chemistry together. Vince plays a high performing salesman who decides to quit his job because he feels unappreciated and has had no time to spend with his family of two kids and wife. As he goes to the parking lot to leave, he comes across Tom, who was let go that same day because of his age (67 years old). Vince also meets Dave, who had just interviewed with the company, and was heading out. Still feeling charged from having the courage to walk out, Vince declares to the two that he is starting his own business and he asks them if they want to join in. They do, and more funny stuff happens. Continue reading

Tickle Me Pink

Like a beetle knocked down on its back,
With its reedy legs fluttering up in the air,
Us drones, minions, working stiffs
Flounder about in our tedious routines–

Crunching numbers, pushing papers,
While the bigwigs think of ways
To stretch our time and pay
So thinly, so third quarter results
Can outperform prior year’s figures.

Tickle us pink, why don’t you?

Better than a pink slip . . . I think?

©2015 Karina Pinella