Colonia (a movie blurt)

Inspired by true events, the story line is fiction but the setting is real. There was a compound in Chile called Colonia Dignidad, a religious cult founded in 1961 by a group of Germans and later disbanded. The movie is set in the early to mid-‘70s during the unrest of Allende’s rule. Daniel Brühl plays a German photographer and activist who gets involved in the protest defending Allende’s communist government. Then, when a coup‘d’état takes place, he is captured by the military and taken to this isolated area of Chile known as Colonia Dignidad. His girlfriend, played by Emma Watson, goes in to rescue him, all the while discovering the dark ties between the military and the cult. The scary part is how people surrender their wills to be ruled by a domineering and ruthless cult leader, who brainwashes them into thinking he’s there for their own good.