Blood Father (a movie blurt)

An action film with fairly developed characters and some decent dialogue. This story is about a father, played by Mel Gibson, riddled with guilt for not being there for his daughter as she was growing up because he spent most of his time in prison. Finally out of jail but on probation, he hears from his daughter, now 17 years old and who he hasn’t seen for years. She calls him out of desperation because she has nowhere else to turn for help. Living a life of petty crimes herself, the daughter gets in bigtime trouble when she gets involved in a murder and drugs, with the police and a drug cartel after her. The movie also stars Michael Parks (from the ‘60s TV series, “Then Came Bronson”) and William H. Macy.

Triple 9 (a movie blurt)

This film caught my attention because of the all-star cast ensemble: Casey Affleck, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Woody Harrelson, Anthony Mackie, Aaron Paul, Norman Reedus, and Kate Winslet. The characters they play are flawed and except for Affleck’s character, they’re all cynical or corrupt to a certain degree. Set in Atlanta and complete with graphic scenes, this film is violent and gritty about dirty cops and dirty deeds with links to  Russian organized crime . Lots of twists, action, and raw pain. Feels too much like real life in these turbulent times. There’s no escapism here.

Furious7 (a movie review)

Call me Johnny-Come-Lately, but it’s better now than never. I finally watched the movie that’s been a blockbuster since it came out but I took my time. When something gets talked up a lot, I feel as if I’ve already seen the movie. This seventh sequel to a movie franchise that started 14 years ago is the best compared to the others, but also the saddest since we know what happened to Paul Walker–he died from a car accident during the filming of this movie, which is well-edited and produced. Renowned horror film director, James Wan, directs this movie and he succeeds in making your pulse race, as well as creating a beautiful ending that pays tribute to Walker. Continue reading

Run All Night (a movie review)

The movie’s first scene made me think one of the main characters is dying. Then the story rolls back to several days that precede this dramatic beginning.

As an action movie, Run All Night has the right formula with exciting fight and flight scenes. The body count is high and the car and foot chases are somewhat intense. Liam Neeson and Ed Harris both play a father, each of whom has a son. Both of their sons intersect each other’s paths one night, triggering certain events that result in the two fathers becoming sworn enemies. Singer/actor Common plays an assassin, who joins the group in the movie’s second half. Continue reading