Ghouls Gone Wild

The bash is a smash,
So much laughter and banter,
Endless libation and flirtation.

Ghouls gone wild . . .

Dracula dares to juggle for muggles,
While the mummy enjoys stuffing his tummy,
Leaving Frankenstein alone to zip through a line.

Ghouls gone wild. . .

There’s Michael Myers bragging his blade is sharper than Freddy Krueger’s,
Off in a corner is Pinhead trying to hook up with the walking dead,
And here’s Chucky who’s nobody’s doll and way too ugly for the cabinet of Dr. Caligari.

Today’s Halloween, when ghouls gone wild.

                                                                                                               Backdrop image: Pixabay

10 thoughts on “Ghouls Gone Wild

  1. You are simply one crazy, creative, loony toons of a writer.

    I enjoy reading your posts.

    I have them sent by email.

    You story about Halloween and the old house was pretty graphically described. A little dark for me. I like happy endings.

    You are good at stringing the adjectives together.

    You should really hook up (find) an illustrator that can draw what you describe. I think it would make for interesting visual collection of your variety of poems to pop off the page. It would be a way for the illustrator to showcase your words in picture with his/her artistic efforts. Solicit a requiest to your BLOG audience for an illustrator to send in three to five illustrations for XYZ in three styles or ideas. You get some free looks, and they can self advertize in tyour Blog with original work. Then pick one to do a book for you. You could have one published for $700 to $1,000.

    How easy is it to use WordPress for your blog?

    I need to update and make my online media access for “I Am a Sidewalk” better.

    I have FB and a Website. I have WordPress I dabbled a bit an edited my website some time ago, but have since forgotten how. I need to do more.

    Not sure what I would do for a Blog but I have ideas.

    Not sure what to add to the FB page.


    Stay creative and blog blog blog

    Matt E-tu



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