Seven Still Standing – Republican Debate #4

There were seven still standing on the “big boys’” stage last night: John Kasich, Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, and Jeb Bush. Barbed remarks and witty comebacks were exchanged among the presidential candidates. Many of them have sharpened their tongues, but they all agree that every one of them is better than the Democratic alternative. Hands down. Issues discussed included jobs and growth, gun control, national security, tax reform, and the growing national debt. There was a bit of digression regarding Ted Cruz’s citizenship and his qualification to run for the presidency. Rubio eventually brought the debate back on track. Summarized below are some of what the candidates would do if elected President.

John Kasich: Do what he’s successfully achieved for Ohio as governor, e.g., grow jobs by (1) common sense regulation, (2) tax cuts, and (3) fiscal discipline. Create a task force that integrates the community with the police so there is better communication. Finally, better fund the NSA to make intelligence stronger.

Chris Christie: Open up communication with allies and adversaries, and empower the military to take action when necessary. Go to the Arab countries that consider ISIS a threat and bring them together into the fight. Appoint an Attorney General that would actually enforce the law; he wants to make police officers proud again.

Marco Rubio: If any ISIS terrorists are caught, they will get a one-way ticket to Guantanamo Bay. Pointed out that ISIS terrorists don’t buy their guns from gun shows, so the 2nd amendment regarding the right of the people to keep and bear arms is not the issue and should be left intact. Security would be his priority in immigration; no one will be let in until they are fully vetted.

Donald Trump: Promises to stay 100% focused as President of the U.S. and not think twice of running his business, which would be managed by his children. Make sure no more stupid deals are done.

Ted Cruz: Pass the Expatriate Terrorist Act, which, among other things, forfeits one’s citizenship if they support ISIS (i.e., known to have traveled to certain countries with terrorist strongholds). Eliminate the IRS and implement a 10% flat tax rate for individuals and 16% flat tax rate for businesses.

Ben Carson: Allow the military to do its job by not tying its hands. Institute a flat tax rate and do away with deductions, shelters, and such. Pare regulations to the bare minimum, because making more of them handcuffs business and leads to higher taxes.

Jeb Bush: Achieve peace through strength by rebuilding the military, though not to be the world’s policeman but to take care of America’s security. Focus on the root of problem dealing with guns by targeting efforts at criminals and the mentally ill who commit gun violence or are at risk of doing so. Need to communicate again with Tel Aviv. Work with our Muslim allies who would help fight ISIS.

Have you made your selection yet?

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